We are always looking to expand our amazing team of volunteers! Join us as a volunteer at the renowned Kent County Show, one of the largest agricultural events in the UK! As a volunteer, you’ll play a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of the event and creating a memorable experience for attendees. With various sections to work in, there’s a volunteering opportunity suitable for everyone, regardless of age or experience.
Various responsibilities depending on the section you would like to work in:

  1. Assisting Visitors – Greet visitors, provide information about the show, answer enquiries, and offer guidance on navigating the venue.
  2. Supporting Exhibitors – Assist exhibitors with setup, takedown, and any on-site requirements. Ensure exhibitors have a positive experience throughout the event.
  3. Hospitality: Assist with hospitality services, including serving refreshments, managing VIP areas, and ensuring guests are well taken care of.
  4. Entertainment Support – Assist with the setup and coordination of entertainment activities, performances, and demonstrations.
  5. Health and Safety – Monitor areas for safety hazards
  6. General Assistance: Provide support wherever needed, including logistics, signage, and administrative tasks.


  • Enthusiasm and a friendly attitude.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work well in a team and independently.
  • Flexibility and willingness to adapt to various tasks.
  • Reliability and punctuality.
  • Physical stamina for tasks that involve standing, walking, and lifting.

    Becoming a Kent County Show volunteer offers a multitude of rewarding experiences and benefits, making it an enriching opportunity for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider becoming a Kent County Show volunteer:
    Contribute to the Community – By volunteering at the Kent County Show, you play a vital role in supporting and enriching the local community. Your efforts directly contribute to the success of one of Kent’s largest and most celebrated events, which in turn benefits the community through economic stimulation, cultural enrichment, and community cohesion.
    Experience Something Unique – The Kent Show offers a one-of-a-kind experience, showcasing the region’s agricultural heritage, cultural diversity, and vibrant community spirit. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in this dynamic environment, interact with exhibitors and attendees, and be part of something truly special.
    Learn and Develop Skills – Volunteering at the Kent Show provides a valuable opportunity for personal and professional growth. Whether you’re looking to develop communication skills, gain event management experience, or enhance your teamwork abilities, there are numerous opportunities for skill development and learning.
    Make Meaningful Connections- Volunteering is a fantastic way to connect with like-minded individuals, build new friendships, and expand your social network. You’ll have the chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds, share experiences, and collaborate towards a common goal, fostering a sense of camaraderie and belonging.
    Gain a Sense of Fulfilment – There’s a unique sense of fulfilment that comes from giving back to your community and making a positive impact. As a Kent Show volunteer, you’ll experience the satisfaction of knowing that your contributions directly contributes to the success of the event and bring joy to countless attendees.
    Enjoy Flexibility and Variety – With various volunteer roles and shifts available, volunteering at the Kent Show offers flexibility to accommodate your schedule and preferences. Whether you prefer working behind the scenes, interacting with visitors, or assisting with logistics, there’s a volunteer role suited to your interests and availability.
    Receive Recognition and Appreciation – Volunteers are valued and appreciated members of the Kent Show team. Your contributions will be recognised and celebrated, with opportunities for acknowledgment, awards, and special events to express gratitude for your dedication and hard work.
    How to Apply
    If you’re interested in volunteering at the Kent County Show or any other Society event, please upload your CV with current work interests so that we can best fit you with a section. Amber Warnes, Volunteer Co-Ordinator will then be in touch. We look forward to welcoming you to our volunteer team!