Gun Dog Scurry

Gun Dog Solutions will be running the Gun Dog Scurry and demonstrations in the Countryside Area. Have a go at timed retrieving trials in the scurry or test out your dog’s nose in the hunting competition.

Lamb National

After being paraded in their own colours, they are introduced to the audience and then the fun starts. An amusing commentary accompanies the race, and the display provides an exciting and comical addition to add to any show.

Dog Agility

Join Pole2Pole Dog Agility and have a go at their activities.  Whether you’re looking to have fun, get fit or train for competitions, Pole2Pole Dog Agility is suitable for all levels of training.

Joe’s Bows Falconry

Come along and see our magnificent birds of prey in action! From our

Caracara displaying his intelligence, to our stunning owls showing silent flight or maybe you would like to view our Falcon whooshing past your heads at high speeds!  We have a fantastic flying team for you come and see in action!

K9 Aqua Sports

Put your pooch to the test with K9 Aqua Sport’s dock diving. Take on the time trial to see how fast your dog can leap off the dock, swim to their favourite toy and return it to you. Join in with your dog or stand in the splash zone to cheer on the doggy dashers! This is open to all dogs over 6 months old.

Sheep Dog Display