Atkinson Action Horses

Benjamin Atkinson and the Action Horse Team present to you a Celebration of the Horse!

Power and grace in the dance of dressage and the explosive airs above the ground made famous by the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. And breath-taking Liberty. The silent art of compassion and connection as horses perform with absolute freedom in a finale to move the soul and inspire the mind.

Cossack trick riding adds adrenaline, acrobatics & speed to this stunning show. A team of riders, trainers and performers with credits on the silver screen pale into insignificance as they stand beside these magnificent animals. A true celebration of the Horse.

Catch Atkinson Action Horses in the Astor Ring every day of the Kent County Show 2024!

The Sheep Show

Back by popular demand! We’re delighted to have The Sheep Show joining us again for this year’s show.

The Sheep Show is a live show about sheep & wool, appearing at over 100 UK shows. Great fun, educational & suitable for all the family, catch the incredible “dancing sheep” on their stage in the Living Land Village on all three days of Kent County Show 2024!

Pig Racing

Five rare breed pigs, ranging from Tamworths to Gloucester Old Spots to Saddlebacks to Berkshires to Oxford sandy and blacks, will take to the Countryside Ring to race against one another! Catch the Pig Racing every day at Kent County Show 2024.

Joe’s Bows Falconry

Come along and see the magnificent birds of prey in action! From the Caracara displaying his intelligence, to stunning owls showing silent flight or maybe you would like to experience a Falcon whooshing past your head at high speeds!  Catch the Joe’s Bows Falconry team in action in the Countryside Ring every day of the Kent County Show 2024.

Dog & Duck Show

Don’t miss the return of the Dog & Duck Show in the Countryside Ring on all three days of the Kent County Show! Watch our feathered friends and their canine companion tackle obstacles to make their way around the Countryside Ring.

Pole2Pole Dog Agility

Don’t miss the incredible Dog Agility demonstrations from Pole2Pole Dog Agility in the Countryside Ring! Bringing your own four-legged friend to the show with you? All breeds are welcome to take part in the Have A Go sessions throughout the show.

Morris Dancing

A traditional English dance with over 500 years of history, no countryside event should be without some Morris Dancing. Two local groups will be joining us at the Kent County Show, including the Hartley Morris Men on Saturday, and the Boughton Monchelsea Morris group on Sunday.

Traditional Funfair

There’s nothing quite like a touch of nostalgia and the Traditional Fairground is sure to remind you of days gone by. Jump on board the chair-o-planes or take a seat on the ferris wheel to enjoy these timeless rides with your kids.

The Mole Show

It’s back! A light-hearted look at man’s plight to battle with the mole. If you are troubled by a mole, then this is not to be missed – but if you’re lucky not to have a mole problem, then join us for some fun and laughter as the grass shark hunter educates, enlightens and entertains to bring you the mysterious world of the mole in a way that only the Mole Show can.


The bandstand in the Village Green is the Show’s central hub of music. Stay tuned for more details of this year’s line-up!

Kent Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt is fun for both dog and owner as they need to work together, as a team to complete the course and find the “RAT”!

Using their natural instincts your dog will search for the “rat” in specially made tubes hidden in amongst a course of straw bales. The handler must read the dogs body language and cues to then correctly identify whether the dog has found the correct tube within the time frame. Come and Join the HUNT in our Countryside Village!


Daisy Daphne Lily-Rose and her boyfriend Kevin are our lovely flowery puppet monsters. Armed with an arsenal of awful tree puns, our pair are here to entertain and put a smile on any face at any age.

This dynamic duo are mic’d up with voice-changing technology to create funny and memorable characters, both engaging and interactive. They love to chat and are just as happy listening to stories as they are telling them or even offering sage advice.  Daisy and Kevin are truly the life and soul of the garden party.