Living Land is a FREE educational event for Kent primary school children in years 3 and 4. It is run and managed by registered charity, the Kent County Agricultural Society, with support from local farming and land-based businesses.

At Living Land, your child will get to learn about farming and food production through entertaining demonstrations and hands-on activities, all guided by experts who will be able to answer any questions the children may have. Activities include learning about machinery, seeing and touching live farm animals, watching milking demonstrations, trying local produce and much more.

Why is learning about food important?

Living Land aims to teach children about where the food they eat comes from in a way that is both age-appropriate and easy to understand Children will gain a deeper understanding of the farm to fork processes such as growing and harvesting fruit and vegetables, making bread from wheat, and rearing livestock for meat. Teaching children about where food comes from allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the world around them, the value of food, and help them to make healthy choices for themselves. Living Land also highlights agricultural and land-based careers and vocations as attainable options, with children given the opportunity to speak with people who work in the industry.

At home resources

Want some additional resources that you can go through at home? Check out our Virtual Living Land area, which has a whole host of educational videos on livestock and working animals, food production and cooking, machinery, and outdoor living. Plus, find downloadable worksheets that are great additional supplement to support education in food and farming.